Thomas Ritter

Hi, I'm Thomas Ritter.

I'm a software developer living in Zurich. You can find me on Github and Twitter.

Since 2015, I'm an organizer and coach for RubyMonstas Zurich, a group for women to learn programming. ❤️️

It's most likely you'll see me with headphones outside, I listen to lots of music and podcasts. I also produce my own podcast together with nerdinand.


09 December 2019
How to install Rails 6 on Windows, without the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) with SQLite, Node and Yarn.
11 February 2015
When using factories to set up your test data, a lot of time is potentially wasted in persisting your models, which might not necessary.
21 October 2014
Some ActiveRecord features not every Rails developers knows, but could come in handy.
12 October 2014
When implementing views in Android, you oftentimes want to have values that are only visible in design time.